The Box

A story about the resilience of the human spirit—and its limits—this play leaves us with a glimmer of hope for the possibility of real transformation, even under the harshest and most horrifying conditions in U.S. prisons today.

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A Sliver of Light (Tour. Reviews. Order info)

Order A Sliver of Light now From 2009 to 2010 I was held as a political hostage by the Iranian government alongside my now-husband Shane Bauer and friend Josh Fattal. Our memoir A Sliver of Light: Three Americans Imprisoned in Iran will be published by Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt on March 18th, 2014. “In this poignant memoir, […]

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Theatre of the Oppressed

Theatre of the Oppressed is a rehearsal for life, a safe space where we can invite critical thinking, brainstorm healthier strategies, discuss systemic privilege and oppression and basically investigate why we do what we do…

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Prolonged Solitary Confinement is Torture

The U.S. has the highest per capita prison population in the world and more people in prolonged solitary confinement than any other country. It doesn’t matter if a person is innocent or guilty, we have no right torture them. Since her release from prison in Iran, Sarah has joined nation-wide efforts to ban and/or severely […]

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Speaking Engagements

Sarah is available to give powerful and inspiring keynote speeches and guest lectures. Schedule a booking now with Jen Angel- “Sarah Shourd is the only American women who has survived a foreign government kidnapping, then returned to help rescue her husband and friend from the same hands that imprisoned her for over a year. It has […]

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sarah's journalism

Should Inmates Be Allowed To Use Facebook?

In recent years, Facebook routinely deleted the accounts of inmates in response to requests by prison officials. NPR’s Arun Rath speaks with Sarah Shourd of The Daily Beast about debate over whether inmates should be allowed access to social media.…

human rights in iran

Negotiating with Iran for Hostages in a Nuclear Deal Isn’t ‘Nonsense.’ Trust Me. I Was One.

Negotiating with Iran for Hostages in a Nuclear Deal Isn’t ‘Nonsense.’ Trust Me. I Was One. 7.16.15 by Sarah Shourd I was a hostage in Iran for over a year, and I’m certain my release was part of a larger deal. Still, I believe this one with Iran is necessary—and encouraging news for American hostages [&hellip…

end solitary confinement

How Solitary Confinement Destroys Women

The rate of female incarceration is increasing rapidly, mostly for crimes driven by poverty and abuse. Then solitary confinement compounds the trauma. “I always felt unsafe is solitary,” said 53-year-old Jacqueline Craig, who was incarcerated at age 16 for a drug offense and went on to spend 20 years of her life in pris…


Become a Human Rights Pen Pal

A Human Rights Pen Pal is someone who believes that solitary confinement is torture, who supports the California hunger strikers and their demands to be treated as human beings, and who would like to develop a respectful and mutually educational letter-writing relationship with an imprisoned human rights pen pal. Click to v…